About us

The AEF (Association of Ethiopian and Eritrean Adoptees), is a nationwide non-profit association for adult adoptees from Ethiopia and Eritrea in Sweden, based in Stockholm. The AEF was founded in 1996 and is politically and religiously independent. It is a forum members to shed light on experiences of being an adult adoptee from Ethiopia and Eritrea in Sweden. The AEF is a network of widely differing individuals, with different needs, where everyone takes part in, and shares, what he or she prefers. The AEF also applies to others who want to engage in a growing association of members.

Administration: Mikael Jarnlo (chairman), Sabina Högstrand (accounter), Zeritu Stålnacke (secretary) and Rebecka Folkesten (board member)

Petition and appeal

During 2018 the AEF has focused on the need for better support for adoptees who seek their roots as well as the need for better psychosocial support for adult adoptees in Sweden. This has been expressed in a petition and an appeal from the AEF, sent to concerned parties in February and March 2018.

Petition from the AEF: Adoption begins with an adoption process, but the life of the adoptee begins at birth

Appeal from the AEF: There is no Swedish legislation protecting inter-country adoptees’ right to know their origin.



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